Everything you need to know about India e visa services

Everything you need to know about India e visa services

All visitors need India e visa services for India, except the citizens of Bhutan and Nepal.

The government of India has introduced sixty days, double-entry e visas for citizens of one hundred and sixty-one countries.

Within a year a maximum of two e-Visas can be issued. A traditional Indian visa permits multiple visits to India. It is generally valid for a stay of up to ninety days.

If you want to avail India e visa services, then you need to get in touch with a service provider firm that can offer you genuine services.

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What type of Visa is required for India?

Visitors staying in India for less than seventy-four hours can get a transit visa otherwise an Indian Tourist visa is required.

Depending upon your nationality tourist visas are generally issued for six months.

Some countries issue visas for a shorter duration, for example, three months, and longer durations such as one year.

No matter what the duration of your Tourist Visa is, you are not allowed to remain in India for more than six months at a time.

In addition, the 5-year Tourist Visa only allows stays of up to three months at a time.

Other types of visas that can be available for visitors to India are Research visa, Student visa, India Business visa, Employment visa, Intern visa, Journalist visa, and Film visa.

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 What is the cost of Indian Tourist Visa?

The cost of an Indian Tourist Visa varies between countries. It is also according to the arrangement between governments.

Some countries like Japan & Mongolia have special agreements with India. It allows their citizens to pay significantly less for a visa.

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Permits for Protected and Restricted Areas in India:

Even if you have a valid visa there’re some remote areas in India that require foreigners to obtain a Protected Area Permit i.e PAP.

There are some areas that are usually near borders or have other security concerns associated with them.

In many cases, individual tourists aren’t allowed; only tour or trekking groups are allowed.

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How can you apply for an Indian visa?

In most countries, the Indian visa application process is generally outsourced to private agencies.

The government of India has replaced most foreign companies that handle India visa processing in many other countries with Indian companies.

This has resulted in numerous problems & inefficiencies; however, the process has been improved since yet.

While applying for an Indian Visa, you will need to complete an online application form.

You’ve to submit your passport, a recent passport sized photo, and details of your itinerary along with your application and fee for Indian Tourist Visa.

In some countries, proof of residential address and copies of flight tickets are also required.

All foreign nationals should have a valid travel visa before they begin their travel to India.

Tourist can apply for visa anytime. After getting the approval they can arrive at selected Indian airports within one hundred twenty days.

From the date of entry into the Indian Territory, the stay is valid for a maximum of sixty days. An online tourist visa is non-extendable & non-transferrable.

It can’t be applied for more than twice in a calendar year. Tourists can also opt for this facility within one business day for urgent travels.

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How to get an Urgent e-Tourist Visa?  

For urgent processing, tourists can choose the fast track service at additional charges in case of urgent travels.

In case of urgent travels, urgent e-tourist Visa can be obtained within one business day.

You mustn’t start or submit another application against the same passport number once an application is initiated or submitted.

It’s strictly advised to finish and complete only one application at a time. You should not submit more than one application.

Even if any details are incorrect in the visa you shall not be granted any other visa against the same passport till the time your previous visa is still valid.

Once an application is submitted it can’t be canceled, amended or refunded.

The processing time of e-tourist visa application is sixteen working hours from receipt of the payment of visa applications along with documents.

You can avail these India e visa services with additional charges.

Applicants should be very careful regarding the details submitted in the applications and before making a final payment they should review it.

It is strictly advised not to submit more than one application at a time.

The India e-Visa allows double entries for a stay of up to sixty days from the date of first entry in India.

Double entry is permitted on e-Business Visa and e-Tourist Visa. Triple entry is permitted on e-Medical Visa.

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